Thursday, September 8, 2011

the 411.

A little bit of stephrything: my way of documenting my adventures as a hobby interior designer and crafter.

Here's how we're starting off. We're buying our second house soon, and since I'm not planning on moving ever again, I'm considering it my dream house and I'd like to treat it that way. After five years of marriage, we've nailed down our design style and we're ready to make our home reflect it.

Once we close on the house, we'll embark on an Extreme Extraordinary Home Makeover: New Home Edition. Why in the world would we redo a new house? Frankly, the builder's prices for upgrades were gargantuan and we'd rather make this house our own by doing things on our own.

We'll accomplish this using our favorite techniques: second hand, second life and saving money! See, only a select few items in our home were purchased new, for full price. Everything else is second hand (given to us, craigslist), bought at a discount (on sale, as-is, bargain) and therefore saved us money, or is from IKEA (which to me qualifies as saving money). I'll give a second life to things (upcycling) that aren't quite our style by repurposing, repainting, or refinishing them.

I will likely swoon at others' finished products and share ideas that inspire me. And when I'm not working on home projects, I share crafty ideas involving fashion or kids stuff (using the aforementioned techniques, of course!). I've imported crafts and posts from another blog, too. Like I said, a little bit of stephrything.


Jason & Kelli West said...

Steph i am excited to see what you will do. From what I have seen I love what you can do!!! I dont know if you have ever heard of the blog theletteredcottage(.net) but its great to follow. Fun ideas and all!!

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