Wednesday, October 12, 2011

from the ground up

This is The House we built. The top left picture is when the crew broke ground July 13 and the bottom right pics are the finished product (and a carpet guy).

It's been a long time coming, considering we started looking to buy a house in May of last year. We viewed dozens of short sale and foreclosed homes, prayed, submitted several offers, received rejections and acceptance, prayed, lost financing, prayed, found new financing, viewed more homes, prayed, submitted more offers, prayed, and stumbled upon the opportunity for this new house.

The House consumed much of our summer. Choosing a property lot, a  floorplan, house color scheme, interior options for electrical, cabinets, countertops, flooring; visiting the house nearly every night to see what's new, correcting the builder when things weren't done right, deciding what DIY projects MUST be done before we move in, delaying other projects on the wish list, gathering decorating ideas and color pallets, getting bids for upgrades we want to do after-market, starting to pack up the house ...

We signed all of our paperwork September 26, went through a few walk-throughs to tidy things up, and we got keys September 30.

If you'd like a tour of the house pre-makeover, come on in.

Ladies and gentlemen, let the makeover begin.


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