Tuesday, November 15, 2011

lighten up


Started off the day by driving 3.7 hours to the closest IKEA to Las Vegas, which happens to be in Covina. Spent the entire day there, J missed his nap, bought what we needed (so much cheaper than it would've been at BBB or Target), and drove home -- J still didn't sleep.


On the eve of Halloween, after J was down for bed, we got this ambitious idea to install the new IKEA Kryssbo pendant lights. After all, how hard could it be if it's from IKEA?
 Well, it was harder and took longer than it should've, but once we figured out the wiring in the ceiling actually did work, found a once-lost piece that was crucial for the light to stay suspended, cleaned up shattered glass from a cheaply-made light housing attachment, and determined the height for the lights and made them level, we were rewarded with this:
I am still in awe at how fantastic they look up there. And that it took til 2:30am Halloween morning to install them. More pics to come with the backsplash and range hood added!


Questor said...

It took me 10 minutes to install it. fortunately I had anonther IKEA lamp before this one so didn't need to drill new holes in the ceiling. Piece of cake actually


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